how high can bitcoin go

Bitcoin at 1 million by the end of 2020. Bitcoins price history, without a doubt, Bitcoin had its ups and downs, as its almost common knowledge that the crypto market is anything but stable. The CEO told Financial Times in an interview in November that the price of BTC will go past the 20,000 mark after the aforementioned period. December 2017 came as a big disappointment for the community as Bitcoins price slumped once more to the 13,000 mark on the last day of the year. Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are still very volatile and thus not particularly safe, but that could change as their value rises and liquidity increases, wrote Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategists Martin Mauro, Cheryl Rowan and Matthew Trapp earlier this month. The twins have estimated that the Bitcoin market could hit 400 billion, on a par with Apple and Exxon. Two thousand eighteen brought with it a lot of volatility, lots of bans for cryptocurrencies in multiple countries, and a lot of news that only exacerbated most investors already high. Even though McAfee did not give a specific target for 2019, based on his former predictions, it would mean that Bitcoin would have to be worth just over 170,000 by the end of 2019 to be on track for hitting the 1 million mark.

How High Can Bitcoin Go?
Bitcoin: How High Can Bitcoin s Price Go in 2018?
Bitcoin How high can it go?

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On June 24, 2018, Bitcoin hit its lowest point in a very long time of 5,868. But that idea is probably not going to last. Having said that, the frenzy of current Bitcoin investment is a massive chase after return that will surely enjoy some boom and bust cycles. This progressive commercialization makes for an increasing system stability and introduces tangible value bitcoin alert to the currency which it lacked at the start: You can actually use it for something! Other virtual currencies play with these variables. Hes also encouraged by reports from the local exchanges Pantera invests in that cross-border transactions are increasing.