bitcoin gold pro and cons

them unsuitable to hedge against market volatility. The community did not receive this breach of trust well. A recent rejection by the SEC of one of these initiatives has once again dropped the currency below 1000 per unit, but this setback isnt likely to trip up the cryptocurrency for long. All markets are subject to volatility, which always creates a growing demand for store-of-value options. Bitcoin is subject to fluctuations in value that can be more sudden than 1 bitcoin strom government-backed currency.

Most experts dont recommend investing solely in bitcoin, but as part of a diversified portfolio. The same applies to storing gold, as it is rather inefficient to do so when dealing with large quantities. BTG does not require expensive, enterprise-quality mining equipment, thereby giving more people a chance to mine the crypto and making it more decentralized, as opposed to being a monopoly of few industrial-grade mining operations. Bitcoin Gold is a good investment to make in 2018 but felt like you did not have enough information on the crypto to actually make an informed decision? Have you ever caught yourself wondering. Most of these principles apply to Bitcoin as well. In the end, gold is not better than Bitcoin or vice versa. Moreover, gold is scarce, which makes it a decent store of value solution. Gold is also somewhat easy to transport in small quantities, and there will always be demand for this commodity. 28th, made the team appear malicious and incompetent. It is good to have both gold and Bitcoin in any investment portfolio these days.

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