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did, how he got there, the improved results, and how we should use. The heart of the trading system is our proprietary indicator, the Yates VXX Indicator (YVI which is used to provide the entry and exit signals for the VXX Trading System. There is no daily commitment needed. At the beginning of every month I receive an email from Len where he reviews the previous month, what we should do in the current month, and what could happen. The VXX is an example of an exchange traded note (ETN) rather exchange traded funds (ETFs) such as vixy or svxy. Shout out to Mohammed Khalfan for porting my PowerLanguage codes for this strategy from MultiCharts to Quantopian!

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Subscribers can see the information right on this website and you will receive emails for every trade alert. The primary products we trade are the VXX, vxxb and vixy for long volatiltiy and svxy for short volatility. Proprietary indicators include vxdif YVI, YVD, vxxfv, vxxdre, vixyfv, vixydre, svxyfv and svxydre. It did take some getting used to, but Ive made close to a 50 return after being in the VXX Trading System for just over 4 months in 2016. You are really first rate.