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Repeat Quest Permission.25, Cleric Wand.25, Platinum Necklace.25, White Gold Ring.25, Gilded Chainmail.25, Iron Full. Have fun with fir log cutting first and you ll soon have enough for a royal or undead donkey the extra 16 inventory space will prove handy! Archdevil, raw Seahorse 1, Iron Platemail.25, Iron Large Shield.25, Repeat Quest Permission.25, Viking Helmet.15, Yellow Dust.5, Steel auf twitch einfach geld verdienen Pants.25, Steel Broad Sword.25, Steel Scythe.15, Devil Feather 1, Low Jewelry Enchant Scroll.55, Low Weapon Enchant Scroll.5. This page of the Monsterpedia contains all the recorded mobs and bosses drops.

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Reval has the flash altar. Adult Sapphire Dragon, swordfish 5, Sapphire Dragon Scale.5, Sapphire Horn 1, Repeat Quest Permission.25, Dragon Egg 1, Sapphire Platemail.25, Broken Slayer Sword Piece.25, Dragon Eye 5, Paladin Shield.25. It teaches about combat, magic combat, fishing, selling items to NPCs(Non-player creatures mining, forging, jewelry(crafting ring moulds alchemy(crafting vials woodcutting and a lot about your chest(bank). Do not skip the tutorial, it has almost all of the information you need to play the game. Flash spells are the weakest, but the other altars are harder to find. It brings 30 speed (pet gives speed also) so you spend less time in your way from resource to town and vice versa. As soon as you can mine gold you can get easy profits in reval, there is one gold ore protected by a viper that is killed by gamers quite often so you can get access even without combat skills most times. Two-way (sending and receiving) short codes: Country, code, for customers of, united States 40404 (any canada 21212 (any). You can place a chest in your island. Buy those cooked foods in great qualities and sell them to the npc fisherman of the town that buys them often you can get 100-150 profit per fish/crab not as good as farming or sand mining but if you need cash here and now this. Amethyst Mummy, steel Platemail.15, Raw Lobster 4, Repeat Quest Permission.25, Uncut Amethyst.15, Iron Large Shield.25, Agility Boots.25, Gilded Gloves.15, Paladin Shield.15. Archangel, silver Sapphire Ring.25, Bass 5, Iron Scimitar.25, Potion of Preservation.15, Repeat Quest Permission.25, Silver Diamond Ring.1, Steel Gloves.25, Silver Sapphire Necklace.25, Angel Feather 1, Low Weapon Enchant Scroll.5.

Do not level STR or ACC above. Dorpat, in Dorpat's map(the first city) you can find fir, cactus, oak and willow trees. Then you can go to Reval, the desert city, and in that map craft the cotton fabric into spells while having it equipped along with the medallion at the altar. Adult Elemental Dragon, white Shark 5, Elemental Dragon Scale 2, Dragon Herb.5, Repeat Quest Permission.25, Dragon Herb Seed 1, Rusty Warrior Trophy.3, Elemental Egg 1, Broken Slayer Sword Piece.25, Dragon Eye 5, Overlord Blade. To make small vials with water you need empty vials then to click on a well. Axe down that fir! Inside of Dorpat there is a ladder to mine Tin and Copper.