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gold and silver prices are still extremely low. If you superimpose them over each other, a clear pattern emerges: Bitcoin to USD chart April 2013 and December 2013 bubbles superimposed. The point here is that the paper price behavior of gold right now is not what it seems.

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Thus, supply is approximately equal to demand and it poises the market for a potential reversal. Eight years later in January 2017, bitcoin was at 986 and in December reached 19,783, an astounding one-year rise of 1,900, outperforming the 1,500 historic increase in the. The Mt Gox trading bots are assumed to be cause of the last bubble. They are the spinmasters of the greatest fool game. In the trend, a consolidation from the previous high to low has yielded a price that has seen resistance at the.272 Fibonacci extension. The trading action in the paper gold markets of London and NY this week further convinces me that gold is being pushed down in price by the western Central Banks similar to the take-down in the paper price that occurred in 20The motive. A new rise in user interest is likely in the make.

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Gold futures trading has been introduced in order to make people believe that the possibility of hyperinflation has been eliminated for good. The death of the current monetary paradigm of fiat paper money., see: Interviewwith Ralph Terry Foster: The History of Money Buy gold, buy silver, have faith. It is remarkable and important that under the gold standard there was no need for bribes. Fiat money, and an economic depression. Although 2,000 is the next milestone and resistance target, the price will likely exceed that level based on the strength and rate at which the price is exceeding current trends. Bitcoins spectacular rise and fall was the largest speculative bubble in history; an ignominious distinction for cryptocurrencies, a new form of money many hoped would replace fiat currencies, historically subject to government overissuence, hyperinflation and economic and political collapse, Asset Bubbles, on January 3, 2009. The question is why and why now.