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my database and click properties, a window opens showing the permissions users have on the database. StackTrace: at tValue(Int32 index, Object value). Follow along the presented wizard and select all tables in that database to generate the scripts). The user I just created doesn't show up either when I hit search- browse or when I search for the exact name. Edit just saying thanks all for the answers. Ldf size 832KB, maxsize 2048 GB, filegrowth.

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Is there an easy way to export the schema and data to a version-agnostic format which I can then import into 2008? But since I DID have enough permissions on the database, I could see the users there, leading to my confusion. This didn't include any of the data, though. SQL, management Object Method which failed with error. I just tested this by using execute AS in a test database, and I was able to create a table in the schema that had alter permission, but not in the dbo schema (for which I didn't grant alter permission). It contains tables, data and stored procedures. Varchar(MAX sET @dbname N'Test_DB sET @DataPath N'E:mssqldata select @ sql 'USE master'. Ldf size 832KB, maxsize 2048 GB, filegrowth 10 exec sql ). Unfortunately it spends ages generating its scripts, then fails with errors like "Failure inserting into the read-only column 'FOO_ID.

Using variables in Studio Manager expanding on the previous examples. I tried, tasks, generate Scripts on the 2012 server, and I was able to generate the schema (including stored procedures). SQL, server be able to connect with Active Directory to get the user list?

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